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Deerfield, NH


Creating Portraits can produce every emotion, from happiness, to sadness, fear and excitement. There can be so much emotion in a single image.

Having someone create these images, certainly opens you up to feeling these emotions.

I create individual, family, and pet portraits to bring families the memories to last a lifetime.  Though I do a variety of portrait styles, I specialize in Glamour Portraitures, Personal Branding Sessions and Pet Portraits.

Even though many people have ready access to cameras for recording family and friends, I believe that everyone should have a professionally done portrait.

As I look back on my own family, going back 3 generations, I look at the portraits that were done and realize the importance of having the visual memory of people who have contributed to my being here.

Going all the way back to my Great Grandparents, who passed away long before I was born, I can look at their portraits and see the faces, the eyes of the people who are a part of me.

I do not believe "snapshots" fill the same need.   Snapshots show a point in time..  A moment in a person's life, it does not show the soul, the being of who they are.

When I create my clients portraiture, I concentrate on the eyes.

The eyes, I believe, are the window to the soul.